Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Watch Exclusive 'Brightburn' Featurette: Birth of a New Genre

Watch Exclusive 'Brightburn' Featurette: Birth of a New Genre

"He's not here to save the world," says Elizabeth Banks about a key character in her new film, Brightburn. Banks portrays Tori Breyer, a kindly woman who discovers an infant in the woods outside the home she shares with her husband Kyle (David Denman). Her motherly instincts move her to adapt young Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) as her own child. Yet Brandon's actions and mysterious powers become increasingly alarming, not only to Tori and Kyle, but also to the small community where...

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'The Secret Life of Pets 2' Is Coming to Theaters 2 Weeks Early

'The Secret Life of Pets 2' Is Coming to Theaters 2 Weeks Early

Ever wonder how some of your favorite stars go to the movies? What about the stars of The Secret Life of Pets 2? Fandango is giving you early access to watch The Secret Life of Pets 2 on May 25, two weeks before the family comedy opens wide in theaters on June 7. To see where, exactly, the film will be screening early near you -- and to get your tickets now -- check out our Early Access page by clicking here. This new chapter explores the emotional lives of our...

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Fleabag: Here's the Heartbreakingly Hopeful Song That Plays at the End of Season 2

Fleabag returned with its second and final season this month, and as much as it pains me to say it, the Amazon series is wrapped up beautifully. Writer and actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge did an incredible job showing the growth, frailty, and depth of not just Fleabag herself but the other lead characters as well (yes, even Martin).

As far as the soundtrack goes, most of what we hear throughout season two is dramatic, sweeping choral music, which pairs nicely with the will-they-or-won't-they romance Fleabag has with The Priest (played expertly by Andrew Scott). The music was actually written and composed by Waller-Bridge's older sister, Isobel, but the show turned to something more contemporary for its tearjerking final scene.

After sharing a sweet moment with Dad at his wedding to Godmother and urging her sister Claire to profess her love for a coworker, Fleabag is waiting at the bus stop to go home. She's joined by The Priest, who earlier gave an energetic and heartfelt wedding sermon about falling in love; they both acknowledge that he was referring to his relationship with God in the speech, and not her. Fleabag finally lets herself be vulnerable enough to tell him that she loves him ("Let's just leave that out there for a second on its own," she adds), and after he says it back, she understandably breaks down into tears.

"I've been having me a real hard time / But it feels so nice, to know I'm gonna be alright"

The Priest decides to walk home, leaving Fleabag at the bus stop by herself, clutching the bronze statue that she stole from Godmother (for a second time, after learning that it was inspired by her late mother). It's during this moment that we hear "This Feeling" by Alabama Shakes, from their acclaimed 2015 album Sound & Color. Listening to the lyrics feels eerily poignant as you consider what Fleabag has been through; she's spent the last few years grieving both her mom and best friend, Boo, and using unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with the pain. But in season two, she's making strides, trying to hold her tongue, and generally getting her sh*t together. As she walks away from the camera (and all of us) while Brittany Howard croons, "I've been having me a real hard time / But it feels so nice, to know I'm gonna be alright," it actually feels like the rest of us will be, too.

Sly Stallone Still Owns the 45-Year-Old Turtles From Rocky, and My Heart Is So Happy

The first thing you need to know about Sylvester Stallone's Instagram account is that it is a veritable treasure trove of behind-the-scenes pictures from his classic films. The second thing you need to know is that he also posts pictures while filming his current movies, which is how we found out that not only did he keep the turtles his character purchases in 1976's Rocky, but they're still alive.

Back in May 2018, Stallone posted a photo from the set of Creed 2 - released back in November - with Cuff and Link, his beloved pets from the Rocky franchise. (Perhaps this is old news to you, but it was recently brought up via Reddit and blew my mind.) At this point, the turtles are about 45 years old (by Sly's estimation). In case it's been a while since you've seen the movie, here's one scene with him and the baby turtles:

Sylvester also notably owned Butkus, the Bull Mastiff from Rocky and Rocky II. At one point before the initial film's release, money was so tight that he had to sell the dog. After six months, he bought Butkus back and the dog stayed in the Stallone family until 1981.

The moral of this story is that Sylvester Stallone loves animals, and we love him for it.

Game of Thrones: This Throwaway Line Might Explain Where Dany and Drogon End Up

Warning: major spoilers for the Game of Throne finale ahead!

As so many people had predicted, Game of Thrones didn't have a happy ending for many of its major characters. Daenerys Targaryen arguably had one of the most devastating endings of all. After eight seasons of fighting to reclaim the Iron Throne, she ultimately dies literally just as she reaches the throne, killed by her boyfriend/nephew Jon Snow after destroying King's Landing and refusing mercy to the surrendered. After she dies in Jon's arms, her last remaining dragon, Drogon, arrives at the scene. He melts downs the Iron Throne with rage and grief-induced fire, then gently scoops up Dany's body and flies away . . . somewhere.

It's never stated or shown exactly where Drogon is headed with the body of his "mother," but there's a brief line later in the episode that has sparked at least one fairly sensible theory. During the council's gathering, it's mentioned that Drogon was last seen "flying east," which seems like a throwaway line, but could actually have some significance. "East" of Westeros leads to the continent of Essos, which is where the Targaryen line originated thousands of years ago in Old Valyria. In the old days, Valyrian nobles tamed dragons and ruled the continent in a vast empire, which only ended after a cataclysmic volcano eruption wiped out much of the empire; only the Targaryens and their dragons survived, living in Dragonstone far from the empire's center.

It would make a lot of sense that Drogon would take Dany's body back to her ancestral home. Long ago, she called the Valyrian language her "mother tongue," and her earlier adventures focused on Essos before she made it to Westeros. In a way, it's poetic that one of the last Targaryens returns to have her resting place in the place where her family originated: they survived when others didn't, just like she did up until this final moment.

Drogon may have flown out of Westeros, but that doesn't mean that he's gone forever. Bran Stark, the newly chosen king, calmly hears that Drogon has potentially been spotted and promises that he will try to find the dragon, presumably with the assistance of his Three-Eyed Raven powers. That statement raises some interesting questions: why is Bran trying to find Drogon, and what would he intend to do if he did track him down?

While the last official Targaryen is gone, the bloodline isn't. Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen, and he's already proven that he can connect with the dragons and even ride one. There's now only one dragon and one person with Targaryen blood left in the world (at least, that we know of), so there remains a possibility that the two might reunite one day. After all, Drogon deliberately did not kill Jon, even after seeing that he had killed Dany, so there is presumably a reason for that. While we'll never know the real reasons, since the series is over, it's an interesting thread left dangling that suggests there's still a story to be told.

These GIFs From The Good Place Will Have You Laughing Your Ash Off

If you still haven't seen The Good Place, I've only got three words for you: what the fork?! The quirky comedy somehow manages to leave me in stitches and contemplating the meaning of life simultaneously, and it has most definitely made me a better person (it's a side effect of watching). But above all, it's left me with a library of GIFs to annoy my friends with. From Chidi's anxiety-ridden facial expressions to comedy legend Ted Danson making being a demon seem relatable (just me?), these are the greatest GIF[t]s from the past three seasons.

Will Smith's Aladdin Premiere Was Flipped Upside Down With a Fresh Prince Reunion

Will Smith has come a long way from his troublemaking days in West Philadelphia, but he wouldn't be where he is without his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air costars. On Tuesday night, the actor celebrated the Aladdin movie premiere in Los Angeles alongside his beautiful family, and he had his onscreen family there as well. Alfonso Ribeiro aka Carlton Banks attended the movie premiere with his adorable 5-year-old son, and Tatyana Ali (who played Ashley Banks) was there with her family as well. Tatyana had her 2-year-old son in tow, and she and Will couldn't have been happier to see each other. Somewhere, James Avery is smiling.

Earlier this week, Will admitted that his role on Fresh Prince inspired the persona he gave the Genie in Disney's upcoming Aladdin movie. And we have the Genie to thank for granting us this adorable reunion! Check out Will, Alfonso, and Tatyana's photos from the premiere ahead.

'Spider-Man: Far from Home' Tops Moviegoers' Most Anticipated Summer Blockbuster

'Spider-Man: Far from Home' Tops Moviegoers' Most Anticipated Summer Blockbuster

Spider-Man: Far from Home topped Fandango's Most Anticipated Summer Movie Survey, voted upon by more than 2,000 moviegoers. The next installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe follows Tom Holland as the beloved web-slinging character, who heads to Europe after the game-changing epic Avengers: Endgame and discovers an entirely unexpected and exciting adventure. Disney's all-new live-action adventure The Lion King was named by moviegoers on Fandango as the most anticipated family...

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Everything You Should Remember Before Season 3 of The Handmaid's Tale

Warning: Needless to say, this recap is packed with Handmaid's Tale spoilers!

Just a year ago, Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale hit the ground running with a harrowing second season that expanded well beyond Margaret Atwood's original novel. Through the dystopian worlds of Gilead and the Colonies, season two underscores not only issues concerning women's rights but also those related to environmentalism and family separation. When you add June's pregnancy, love triangle, and backstory into the mix, you get a whole lot of momentum for relevant and compelling TV.

Unsurprisingly, there's a ton of anticipation for season three, which is slated to come out on June 5. Still, it's been about a year since we last saw new episodes, so if you've forgotten some of the details, you're definitely not alone. Read ahead to refresh your memory of the most important twists and turns from season two of The Handmaid's Tale!

The new Ofglen sets off a bomb at the opening ceremony of the Rachel and Leah Center.

The bombing kills 26 commanders and 31 handmaids. Plus, it leads to other consequences that change up the course of the second season. Emily and Janine (initially exiled) return to Gilead from the Colonies because there's a shortage of handmaids. Serena also recruits June's help in overlooking Fred's duties while he's recuperating in the hospital. She goes as far as having his colleague Commander Cushing arrested. Being the monster that he is, Fred reacts cruelly to being undermined and, in a very chilling scene, beats Serena when he finds out.

Nick meets with Luke and hands him June's letters.

When the Waterfords visit Canada, Nick stops by to meet with Luke and lets him know about June's whereabouts, including her pregnancy. It's awkward because Luke doesn't know that Nick, and not the Commander, is actually the father of June's baby. But anyway, he hands off June's handmaid letters to Luke, who publishes them with Moira and Erin. This pressures the Canadian government to cancel the Waterfords' diplomatic summit. A man named Mark offers Serena immunity if she agrees to denounce Gilead, but she ends up refusing his offer.

June gives birth after seeing Hannah.

Fred, aka one of Gilead's worst human beings, plays around with the idea of allowing June to see her daughter. After sexually assaulting the handmaid, he arranges for her to briefly visit Hannah in an abandoned home. Nick gets captured, and the Waterfords are unable to track June, who is hiding in the house after meeting with Hannah. June gives birth by herself, naming her daughter Holly after her mother, though Serena later renames the baby Nicole when they track down June.

We learn about Serena's past life.

Prior to the establishment of Gilead, Serena was a passionate conservative activist who wrote a book called A Woman's Place. In the past, a protester shot her in the abdomen, which likely rendered her sterile. Because of the patriarchal society Serena created, she ironically gets a limited role because she is a woman. Later, Serena does try to step up by rallying for an amendment to let girls read the Bible but gets her finger cut off as a result.

Nick's wife, Eden, gets executed.

Just in case you forgot how f*cked up this society is, Nick gets "gifted" with his wife Eden, who is practically a teenager. Eden does her best to please Nick, but he mostly rebuffs her advances because he's in love with June. Anyway, Eden elopes with a guard named Isaac, and she gets turned in by her own father. In a public execution, the young couple drowns after getting pushed off of a diving board.

Emily stabs the hell out of Aunt Lydia.

In a fit of rage, Emily violently stabs Aunt Lydia, who drops by for a visit to check up on her ceremony with Commander Lawrence. Don't worry - this definitely isn't the last of Ann Dowd in the series.

Emily escapes - we think.

During a fire in the season two finale, Rita informs June that she and Holly can leave Gilead. Nick stops Fred from capturing June, and Serena relents to her escape after saying goodbye to the baby.

Anyway, Lawrence helps the handmaids. We still don't know what the deal is with him, given that he's one of the architects of Gilead. He doesn't go through the initiation ceremony with Emily and later even helps her and June escape on a van, saying that he's getting himself "into deep sh*t" by doing so. While Emily hops on, June hands off the baby to her, shockingly choosing to stay behind.

Will Smith's Genie in Aladdin Was Actually Inspired by 1 of His Most Famous Roles

Will Smith is taking on the role of a lifetime as the Genie in Disney's live-action Aladdin, but he almost turned down the part. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday with his costars Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott, the 50-year-old actor explained that he was hesitant about taking on the part because of how great the late Robin Williams was in the animated film. "Robin Williams like smashed that thing," he told the host.

Though he eventually changed his mind about playing the character, he was adamant to make the Genie his own. While Williams used his stand-up persona for the role, Smith took inspiration from one of his most famous roles to date: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In fact, it actually inspired how he sang the music in the film. See the rest of the interview above!

The Jonas Brothers' Performance on The Voice Finale Was Basically a Technicolor Paradise

The Jonas Brothers are having a good year! From attending the BBMAs with their wives to their recent appearance on Saturday Night Live, the brothers have been keeping incredibly busy as they prep for the release of their fifth album, Happiness Begins. On Tuesday, the group blessed us with yet another fun-filled performance as they sang "Cool" during The Voice finale. Just like the colorful music video for the song, the stage was basically a technicolor paradise with colorful palm trees and floats. Not to mention, Kevin, Joe, and Nick dressed the part with pastel outfits. Let's just say, you'll be counting down the days until Summer after watching their videos.

Anthony Mackie, Miley Cyrus, and More Familiar Faces You'll See in Black Mirror Season 5

Here's something to brighten up your Summer: Black Mirror is returning for a fifth season! Not only have we already gotten a chilling trailer and a handful of images from the three new episodes, but we also have a pretty good idea of who's starring. From familiar faces like Miley Cyrus and Anthony Mackie, to up-and-comers like Damson Idris and Angourie Rice, take a look at everyone you can expect to see in season five, ahead.

People Are Sharing Their First Cartoon Crushes on Twitter, and, Wow, the Sheer Accuracy

It's time we acknowledge that cartoons can be hot. Though they may be bred from the mind of illustrators - and might even be an anthropomorphic animal - it's nonetheless a feeling many have likely grappled with. That was recently made apparent by a viral Twitter thread which asked the internet to share their first cartoon crushes.

The thread was started by author Jenna Guillaum, who shared her very relatable picks: Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, Sailor Moon's Tuxedo Mask, and even Robin Hood - yes, the fox one. People then began to chime in with inarguable hotties like Jessica Rabbit, Hercules, and Lola Bunny, while others threw out a few . . . unexpected ones! (Max Goof, really? OK, no judgment.)